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Friday, March 17, 2017

Trump's winners and losers!

Dear Friends:

In a way you have to give 'Don the Deviant' Trumplethinskin credit for being a genius in the way he got the American public to vote for him, and then turned around and gave their money to the rich guys!

Here is a map and where poverty exists in the United States of America:
Now if you were to take a map of where Drumpf got his votes from, and put it over-top of this map ...., they would match almost EXACTLY!

So, he got all those poor slobs to vote for him, and then took away money from the Environment, (E.P.A.) Health and Human Services, Labour Department, Agriculture Department, Transportation Department and Education, and gave that money to the Pentagon, Veterans Affairs, Homeland Security, Banks and Insurance Companies, and ....., Tax Breaks for the Rich!

Now do you see why I keep calling him "Don the Con!"